Dynamic LED panel in different shape
Dynamic LED panel in different shape
LED dynamic light box is a kind of advertisement light box which using dynamic LED panel to control the lighting movement and animation. The dynamic lighting effect can be tailor made by customer’s infinite creative and the advertising content. Not only enhances the advertising appeal, but also makes the static poster more vivid to boost the advertising effectiveness significantly.
Dynamic LED panel – Complicated animation

  • More eye catching among the other static light boxes 
  • Able to create smooth and complicated animation or moving light effect
  • As striking as LED display, in a more reasonable cost
  • Lighting effect and animation is controlled by customized DMX program
  • Customization base on client’s requirements
  • 比其他靜態的燈箱更能吸引目標客戶的眼球
  • 可以做到流暢而複雜的動畫及走燈
  • 跟LED顯示屏一樣吸引眼球,成本卻更低
  • DMX系統控制動畫及走燈
  • 可根據客戶設計及要求度身訂製合適的燈板
Dynamic LED panel – Smooth animation

Dynamic LED panel – Moving light effect


Dynamic lighting effect 動感燈箱走燈效果示範
Dynamic lighting effect 動感燈箱走燈效果示範