Why lumisheet?

Lumisheet, aka light guide plate, is a better backlighting solution with slimmer and sleeker appearance, commonly used in retail and architectural lighting nowaday. Anvelux’s lumisheet is as thin as 3mm, can be ordered in any shape, size, and color and can be put almost anywhere, with endless applications.

3mm ultra thin lumisheet, 導光板, 超薄導光板, 超大導光板
3mm ultra thin lumisheet. Maximum size in 2x3m (for 6mm)
Laser print machine for lumisheet
Laser print machine for large lumisheet, 2x3m
Precise laser printing on lumisheet
Precise laser printing on lumisheet


    • 3/6/8/10mm thickness, maximum 2x3m large size
    • Excellent design of optical pattern to conduct more uniform and bright light.
    • Temperature control allows low temperature in long hours, effectively prevent aging problem.
    • Save > 80% energy the traditional lightbox.
    • Light & thin with only 3mm thickness.
    • Waterproof lumisheet available
    • Able to customize the size, brightness, chips etc. to meet customer’ needs.
    • Tailor made for special requirement




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